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Next Start Date: 14th January

Future start dates: April, June

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What You'll Learn

Explore Innovation & Disruption

Gain insight into the innovation process, and enhance your ability to think disruptively, develop market strategies and pitch your ideas.

Manage Projects, Change & Teams

Develop the skills to plan & execute a successful project, implement organisational change and build & manage high-performance teams.

Personalise Your MBA Programme

Investigate the business issues that interest you, and choose from case studies in areas such as entrepreneurship, digital tech & change management.

Practice Smart & Effective Leadership

Analyse popular leadership theory, and learn how to develop an efficient leadership style of your own that will encourage followership.

Develop Profitable Strategies

Gain an in-depth understanding of strategy development, analysing your organisation’s current position, goals and routes to success.

Understand Marketing & Sales

Learn how to identify and satisfy your target markets, gaining an understanding of customer behaviour, value creation & value delivery.

Why Choose Us?

Founded in 1495, the University of Aberdeen is part of a group of only six ancient British universities, which includes Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St. Andrews.

The University of Aberdeen Business School works to continue this proud history, using our research and knowledge to advance learning in many industries and sectors.

82500 alumni in over 192 countries
2nd in uk for research impact in business studies
70% of research rated world leading/excellent


*Both of these figures come from our assessment in the most recent Research Excellence Framework.

Why Choose Our Online MBA?

100% Online MBA Education

Earn your MBA completely online from anywhere in the world, with no face-to-face classes to attend.

Flexible Learning Experience

No set lectures, and no exams. Message your tutor at times that suit you, and fit study around your other commitments.

Same MBA Qualification as On-Campus

Graduate with exactly the same MBA qualification as on-campus students at the University of Aberdeen.

Global Networking

Work with a diverse cohort of your peers, comprised of different cultures, ages and levels of experience.

Coursework-Based MBA

You’ll be graded entirely on coursework, because we believe assessment should be a core part of your learning.

Unlimited Support

Receive one-to-one guidance and feedback from expert tutors, and help from your dedicated student support team.

Additional Benefits

There are some additional features of the MBA (Global) programme that you should know about.

Gain Your MBA in 2 Years

Studying part-time, you’ll complete the programme and earn your MBA online in just two years.

Balanced Study Schedule

We recommend a 15 hour weekly time commitment, to allow you to fit study into your own timetable.

Fully Responsive Platform

Our study platform is fully compatible with your laptop, tablet and mobile to make access as easy as possible.



The MBA (Global) study platform is easy to use, allowing you to:

  • Log in at any time, from any device
  • Access all your courses and learning materials
  • Benefit from unlimited tuition, guidance and support
  • Communicate with your peers in secure online forums
  • Receive ongoing feedback and course grades
  • Message your student and technical support teams at any time

Course Structure

Across the two-year programme you’ll progress through four blocks, each containing three courses which cover core business disciplines (with a study break of at least one week between blocks).*

*Please note, there may be additional holidays in your schedule depending on your start date.

  • Block 1

    Block 1

    Understanding Yourself, Your Business & The Market
    You cannot lead if you do not understand yourself or the impact that you have on others.

    In this course you will investigate the underlying theories which underpin popular views about leadership and explore why understanding your own leadership style, competency and behaviour is key to encouraging followership.
    This course investigates how companies and organisations operating across a range of sectors identify and prioritise opportunities in the marketplace through the delivery of compelling value propositions.
    This course investigates the concept of the business model and how and why organisations need to challenge the way in which they do business in order to remain relevant and competitive.

    The programme enables you to develop skills in all areas of business from leadership to strategy development.
  • Block 2

    Block 2

    Preparing, Implementing & Evaluating
    The focus of this course is not people, but processes. Achieving our objectives relies on the successful application of processes, methods, knowledge and skills. This course addresses key areas such as scheduling, project evaluation, and how to plan for success.
    The Accounting and Finance for Managers course explores the importance of gaining a strategic overview and understanding the role of finance as a key component in ensuring sustainability and enabling growth in organisations.
    The concept of change has never been more topical. Aggressive competition, shorter product life cycles and more demanding customers contribute to an ever changing business landscape. Increasingly, long-term commercial success is based on the ability to manage change and to promote innovation.
  • Block 3

    Block 3

    Scoping, Planning & Motivating
    This course investigates the theories, concepts and investigative techniques that are essential when conducting an effective analysis of where the organisation is currently positioned, the strategic goal of the organisation and the operation plan that will achieve the required objectives.
    The Future Thinking course investigates the international, economic and business environments in which modern day businesses and policymakers have chosen to operate, with particular emphasis on Consumer Decision Making, Industry Analytics and Future Fore-sighting.
    This course explores how to managers can motivate, manage and lead people by nurturing and building high performance teams, with particular emphasis on the use of coaching, performance management and mentoring techniques.
  • Block 4

    Block 4

    Performance, Practice & Reflection
    In this course, you’ll develop the skills needed to understand, critique and utilise research conducted by others, and to conduct your own research in a professional environment.

    You’ll develop a range of traditional research skills, with the aim of undertaking a research project in an area of your own interest which could improve performance in your organisation or bring about change in the workplace.
    In this course, you’ll choose four case studies to examine from the following six themes: innovation; leadership and teams; digital technology and the digital age; sales and marketing; entrepreneurship; and change management.

    You’ll be challenged to critique the approach taken to solve a problem relevant to each theme, exploring all the possible perspectives in order to be able to generate, justify and recommend your own solutions.
    In this final course you’ll undertake a case study on a business issue of your own choice, allowing you a final opportunity to link your MBA studies to your own knowledge, skills and personal development ambitions.

    You’ll develop skills in understanding and framing a problem, and gain an understanding of the complex relationships that can exist within organisational settings. You’ll then be tasked with proposing possible solutions and effectively communicating these to external stakeholders.

Start Dates & Schedules

Click below to see the schedules for each of the start dates in 2018/19:

Induction: 7/1/2019 → 11/1/2019

Block 1: 14/01/2019 → 01/07/2019

14/01/2019The Leadership Challenge
11/03/2019Marketing and Sales Management
06/05/2019Business Model Innovation
01/07/2019Study Break

Block 2: 08/07/2019 → 23/12/2019

08/07/2019Leading and Managing Projects
02/09/2019Accounting and Finance For Managers
28/10/2019Managing Change

Block 3: 06/01/2020 → 22/06/2020

06/01/2020Strategy and Practice In A Dynamic World
02/03/2020Future Thinking
27/04/2020Leading and Managing High Performance Teams
22/06/2020Study Break

Block 4: 29/06/2020 → 11/12/2020

29/06/2020Research Practice
24/08/2020Case Studies
19/10/2020Developing Business Solutions

Induction: 22/4/2019 → 26/4/2019

Block 1: 29/04/2019 → 14/10/2019

29/04/2019The Leadership Challenge
24/06/2019Marketing and Sales Management
19/08/2019Business Model Innovation
14/10/2019Study Break

Block 2: 21/10/2019 → 27/04/2020

21/10/2019Leading and Managing Projects
06/01/2020Accounting and Finance For Managers
02/03/2020Managing Change
27/04/2020Study Break

Block 3: 04/05/2020 → 19/10/2020

04/05/2020Strategy and Practice In A Dynamic World
29/06/2020Future Thinking
24/08/2020Leading and Managing High Performance Teams
19/10/2020Study Break

Block 4: 26/10/2020 → 23/04/2021

26/10/2020Research Practice
04/01/2021Case Studies
01/03/2021Developing Business Solutions

Induction: 17/6/2019 → 21/6/2019

Block 1: 24/06/2019 → 03/01/2020

24/06/2019The Leadership Challenge
19/08/2019Marketing and Sales Management
14/10/2019Business Model Innovation
09/12/2019Study Break

Block 2: 06/01/2020 → 22/06/2020

06/01/2020Leading and Managing Projects
02/03/2020Accounting and Finance For Managers
24/04/2020Managing Change
22/06/2020Study Break

Block 3: 29/06/2020 → 01/01/2021

29/06/2020Strategy and Practice In A Dynamic World
24/08/2020Future Thinking
19/10/2020Leading and Managing High Performance Teams
14/12/2020Study Break

Block 4: 04/01/2021 → 18/06/2021

04/01/2021Research Practice
01/03/2021Case Studies in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Change and the Digital Age
26/05/2021Developing Business Solutions

Induction: 7/10/2019 → 11/10/2019

Block 1: 14/10/2019 → 13/04/2020

14/10/2019The Leadership Challenge
09/12/2019Marketing and Sales Management
06/01/2020Marketing and Sales Management
17/02/2020Business Model Innovation
13/04/2020Study Break

Block 2: 20/04/2020 → 05/10/2020

20/04/2020Leading and Managing Projects
15/06/2020Accounting and Finance For Managers
17/08/2020Managing Change
05/10/2020Study Break

Block 3: 12/10/2020 → 12/04/2021

12/10/2020Strategy and Practice In A Dynamic World
07/12/2020Future Thinking
04/01/2021Future Thinking
15/02/2021Leading and Managing High Performance Teams
12/04/2021Study Break

Block 4: 19/04/2021 → 01/10/2021

19/04/2021Research Practice
14/06/2021Case Studies in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Change and the Digital Age
09/08/2021Developing Business Solutions

You’ll gain access to your online Induction one week before your chosen start date, and can continue to access the resources there throughout your studies.


The MBA (Global) is assessed entirely by coursework. We believe that assessment should be a core part of your learning – allowing you to use your knowledge, skills and experience in context.

There are three types of assessment, each of which will mirror practice:

Theory into Practice

Critique and adapt a new theory or framework in your own professional context.

Group Challenges

Address business challenges and innovate solutions by collaborating in teams.

Professional Development

Reflect on your learning and acquired knowledge to develop your management skills.

Are You Eligible?

The MBA (Global) is open to applicants of any discipline. You don’t need a background or degree in business to apply, but to be eligible you’ll normally meet the following requirements:

Academic Qualifications

UK second-class honours degree (or equivalent) in any discipline.

Professional Experience

2 years’ or more relevant professional experience.

English Language

Language skills will be assessed during the admissions process.*


*If we need further evidence of your English language proficiency, we may ask you to take one of the recognised tests such as IELTS.

The easiest way to find out if you’re eligible is to use our quick CV checker, for a 24-hour response from one of our Admissions Advisors:

Fees and Payment Options

The total tuition fee for our online MBA (Global) programme is £17,200, which you can choose to pay in one of three ways:

4 Instalments of


2 Instalments of


1 Instalment of



Read on below for ways you could save on your fees, or you can speak with an Admissions Advisor if you have any questions about fees or funding options.

Ways to Save

At the University of Aberdeen, we know that investing in your career is a big decision. To make that investment easier, here are some of the ways you could be able to save on your MBA tuition.

Scholarships & Grants

Several awarding bodies offer fellowships and scholarships to qualifying students.

Find out if you qualify »

Loan & Funding Options

Depending on where you reside, you could be eligible for loan funding or other financial help.

View funding options »

Alumni Discount

All University alumni are entitled to a 20% discount on your MBA programme fees.

Apply to claim »

Accreditations & Recognition

The University of Aberdeen is accredited by Her Majesty’s Privy Council of the United Kingdom – guaranteeing the highest standards of academic quality.

The University of Aberdeen Business School is also accredited by the Energy Institute, the Chartered Management Institute and is a member of the AASCB Business Education Alliance.



Mary Moyalan is a current MBA (Global) student and management accountant based in Qatar.

Play the video to hear why she chose to join the online MBA programme, what she’s learned so far and how her MBA studies have fit into her professional life.

Faculty & Support

When you study online with the University of Aberdeen, you’ll have continuous help from our faculty and support teams as you progress towards gaining your MBA.

Admissions Advisors

Ready to apply? Our advisors will guide you through the whole process in our easy-to-use Admissions Portal.

One-to-One Tuition

You’ll receive constant guidance and feedback from your expert tutors, who you can message at any time.

Student Support

Our dedicated support teams will be on-hand to provide any administrative or technical help you might need.

Advance Your Career

Becoming an MBA (Global) graduate can open up a variety of different career paths for you to explore.

Industries to Advance In

  • Banking & Finance
  • Energy/Oil & Gas
  • Marketing
  • Engineering/Manufacturing
  • Consumer Goods & Services
  • Consulting
  • Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals
  • High Technology & Electronics
  • Construction & Property
  • Travel/Leisure/Hospitality
  • Education
  • Government/Non-profit

Potential Jobs for Graduates

  • Business analyst
  • CEO, CFO or equivalent
  • Brand manager
  • Sales manager
  • Finance director
  • IT director
  • Investment banker
  • Project manager
  • Advertising executive
  • Supply chain manager
  • Management consultant
  • Health services manager


These are just a few examples of possible career paths you could explore – MBA graduates can, and do, go on to advance their careers in a wide variety of industries and roles.

Our graduates have secured jobs with companies as diverse as PwC, Google, BP, GlaxoSmithKline, Wood Group, RBS, Omnicom, NHS, John Lewis, Apple, Facebook and many more.

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Yes. The style of learning is asynchronous, which means there are no set times to log in, or ‘live’ lectures or tutorials. There is a course structure to the programme, with fixed course start dates and assessment deadlines, but when you study is up to you – for example, if you’re in full-time employment you might prefer to work in the evenings or at the weekend.
The online programme is run part-time over two years. During that period, we recommend a minimum time commitment of 15 hours of study per week. Each course within the programme is taught over 8 weeks, with a whole block lasting 24 weeks.
You can suspend your studies at any time, with no impact on cost. For example, if you completed Block 1 and 2 but wanted to delay the start of Block 3, you wouldn’t have to pay for Block 3 until you resumed studying. If you do suspend your studies at any point, you’ll have up to five years to complete the programme.
We usually ask that applicants have the equivalent of a British Second Class Honours degree (in any subject, not just Business), and at least 2 years’ work experience, ideally including some managerial duties. These duties may not necessarily be the management of people, but could include the management of tasks and activities.
However, we consider each application on an individual basis, and welcome applications from those with non-standard qualifications and a variety of professional fields.
If English is not your first language, we may ask you to provide evidence of your command of English. Language skills are assessed through the online admission process and, if requested, during an online interview. If after assessing your application, we need more evidence that your English skills are at an appropriate level for entry to the programme, we may ask you to take one of the recognised English language tests such as IELTS.
To apply, you’ll need to complete an initial application form which allows you to access our online Admissions Portal. You’ll then be able to ask your dedicated Admissions Advisor any questions that you have about your application or studying online with the University of Aberdeen. You can also submit your CV prior to applying for initial feedback on your eligibility.
All of the MBA (Global) courses are assessed entirely through coursework – there are no exams. All assessments are designed to allow you to apply your knowledge, skills and experience in context. You’ll be informed of all assessment submissions dates and requirements at the beginning of each course. Your completed assessment submissions will be uploaded to the Assessment area within the study site.
As an MBA (Global) student, you’ll receive unlimited one-to-one advice and guidance from experienced tutors, and a comprehensive student support service from our team of advisors who’ll provide additional assistance with any administrative, pastoral and technical issues you may experience. There’s no limit to the number of messages you can send and receive via our in-built messaging system, and your tutors and support advisors will respond within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.
The MBA (Global) certificate awarded to graduates makes no mention of distance or online learning – these certificates are exactly the same as those awarded to students who have studied on an attendance basis at the university. When you graduate you’ll receive a Master of Business Administration award.


Next start date:

14th January


Future start dates:




To get started, contact us or click ‘Start Your Application’ below to access the Admissions Portal.

An Admissions Advisor will then be able to answer your questions, and guide you through the application process.

There’s no obligation to enrol, and you can return to complete your application any time between now and the next start date.

+44 (0)1224 515270