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Find out if you're eligible to join the online MBA for the July start date. Just upload your CV for a quick response from an MBA Admissions Advisor.

Find out if you're eligible to join the online MBA for the July start date. Just fill in the form for a quick response from an Admissions Advisor.

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The MBA (Global) from the University of Aberdeen is the only online MBA programme offered by one of the UK’s six ancient universities.

Through 100% online study you’ll explore forward-thinking approaches to business alongside your international peers – fully supported by your tutors and dedicated programme coordinator.

Progress your career from the comfort of your own home by gaining key skills in leadership, management, strategy, innovation, marketing and sales – and benefit from a level of online support and tuition that we believe is second-to-none.

Round 1 Deadline: 20th April

Future start date: October 2020, January 2021

The Round 1 enrolment deadline for our July start date is 20th April – enrol before this date to ensure your place, as places may become limited before the start date.

If you haven’t yet started an application, click below to apply and have one of our advisors guide you through the Admissions process:

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Why Choose Us?

We believe that our level of online support and tuition is second-to-none, but we don’t want you to just take our word for it.

We encourage you to compare us with alternative providers and ask them the following questions to see how they stack up against the MBA (Global).

MBA (Global)
Alternative MBAs
100% Online
Unlimited Tuition
Unlimited Support
Fully Flexible
No Added Costs

Founded in 1495, the University of Aberdeen is part of a group of only six ancient British universities. In 2019 we were named Scottish University of the Year by The Times, due to the quality of our research, academic expertise and graduate employability.

Over 82,500 alumni in more than 192 countries
Over 70% of our research is world-leading or excellent*
2nd in the UK for research impact in Business studies*

*Research figures come from our assessment in the most recent Research Excellence Framework.

What You'll Learn

Explore Innovation and Disruption

During the programme you’ll gain insight into the innovation process, and learn how to challenge current practices in order to remain relevant and competitive.

You’ll also enhance your ability to develop market strategies, pitch your ideas and think disruptively, finding ways to displace existing markets and technology.

Key Courses

Business Model Innovation, Future Thinking

Manage Projects, Change & Teams

Develop the skills to plan and execute a successful project, implement organisational change and build & manage high-performance teams.

At the end of the programme, you’ll be equipped to excel in a variety of management roles: whether that’s the management of people, processes or change.

Key Courses

Leading and Managing Projects, Managing Change, Leading and Managing High Performance Teams

Personalise Your MBA Programme

The MBA (Global) offers you the opportunity to investigate the business issues which interest you and align with your career goals.

You’ll undertake a research project in an area of your own interest which could improve performance in your organisation or bring about change in the workplace.

Key Courses

Making Sense of Research, Research in Practice, Developing Business Solutions

Practice Smart and Effective Leadership

Analyse popular leadership theory, and learn how to develop an efficient leadership style of your own that will encourage followership.

You’ll explore how managers can motivate, manage and lead people, with emphasis on the use of coaching, performance management and mentoring techniques.

Key Courses

The Leadership Challenge, Leading and Managing High Performance Teams

Develop Profitable Strategies

Gain an in-depth understanding of strategy development, analysing your organisation’s current position, goals and routes to success

You’ll learn about the internal and external factors which influence decision-making, and explore the concept of dynamic strategy: constantly learning and reinventing in response to an ever-changing environment.

Key Courses

Strategy and Practice in a Dynamic World, Future Thinking

Understand Marketing and Sales

Learn how to identify and satisfy your target markets, gaining an understanding of customer behaviour, value creation and value delivery.

You’ll gain an appreciation of modern marketing tools, techniques and activities, and learn how to implement effective sales processes once your value proposition is in front of potential customers.

Key Courses

Marketing and Sales Management

“The flexibility is extremely valuable.”


MBA (Global) student Mary Moyalan explains why she joined the programme, what she’s learned so far and how her MBA studies have fit into her professional life.

Course Structure

Across the two-year MBA programme you’ll progress through four blocks, each containing three courses which cover core business disciplines:

  • Block 1

    Block 1

    Understanding Yourself, Your Business & The Market
    To be a leader, you need to understand yourself and the impact that you have on others.

    In this course you'll investigate the underlying theories that underpin popular views about leadership, and explore why understanding your own leadership style, competency and behaviour is key to encouraging followership.
    Marketing is a vital component of any company. In this course you'll consider some core concepts in marketing, and learn how to identify and satisfy your customers' needs and wants.

    You'll learn how to segment your target market, how you can position your organisation to appeal to that audience, and how you can build valuable, long-term relationships with consumers.
    This course investigates the concept of the business model - and how and why organisations need to challenge the way they do business in order to remain relevant and competitive.

    To do this you'll also explore the concept of innovation, drawing on real-world examples from industry and applying frameworks of innovation to your own practice.
  • Block 2

    Block 2

    Preparing, Implementing & Evaluating
    The focus of this course is not people, but processes - and how to apply them in order to execute a successful project.

    In this course you'll gain an understanding of the requirements for effective project management, including resource management, communication and the ability to react to both predictable and unpredictable situations.
    In this course you'll gain an understanding of the figures that are recorded in your organisation's key financial statements.

    By gaining insight into financial accounting and management accounting, you'll learn how your company's accounts are put together - enabling you to ask the right questions when it comes to evaluating your orgranisation's finances.
    The concept of change has never been more topical. Aggressive competition, shorter product life cycles and more demanding customers contribute to an ever changing business landscape.

    By learning about the various sources and consequences of change, you'll learn how change can be more successfully and effectively managed.
  • Block 3

    Block 3

    Scoping, Planning & Motivating
    In this course you'll explore strategic decision-making and corporate strategy from a theoretical, and most importantly, practical perspective.

    You'll learn how to conduct analysis of where your organisations is currently positioned, what the strategic goal is, and the operation plan that will help you acheive it.
    On the Future Thinking course you'll investigate the international, economic and business environments in which modern-day businesses operate, with particular emphasis on Consumer Decision Making, Industry Analytics and Future Fore-sighting.

    This course explores how to managers can motivate, manage and lead people by nurturing and building high performance teams, with particular emphasis on the use of coaching, performance management and mentoring techniques.
  • Block 4

    Block 4

    Research Practice, Action and Reflection
    In this course, you’ll develop the skills needed to understand, critique and utilise research conducted by others, and to conduct your own research in a professional environment.

    You’ll develop a range of traditional research skills, with the aim of undertaking a research project in an area of your own interest which could improve performance in your organisation or bring about change in the workplace.
    In this course, you'll advance your master's level research skills and benefit from a greater focus on professional practice. You'll explore a range of skills needed to understand, evaluate and critique research approaches and techniques.

    By researching and planning a complex practice-based problem of your own choosing, you'll build up a research "tool kit" that will enable you to take a scholarly approach to your own professional business practice.
    In this final course you’ll undertake a case study on a business issue of your own choice, allowing you a final opportunity to link your MBA studies to your own knowledge, skills and personal development ambitions.

    You’ll develop skills in understanding and framing a problem, and gain an understanding of the complex relationships that can exist within organisational settings. You’ll then be tasked with proposing possible solutions and effectively communicating these to external stakeholders.

How Online Study Works

As an online student with the University of Aberdeen you’ll benefit from our custom-built study platform, designed for ease of use and communication.

Click below to try out our demo study site or learn more about how online study works:

Are You Eligible?

The MBA (Global) is open to applicants of any discipline. You don’t need a background or degree in business to apply, but to be eligible you’ll normally meet the following requirements:

UK second-class honours degree or equivalent
2 years or more relevant professional experience
English language skills (assessed during admissions)

*If we need evidence of your English language skills, we may ask you to take one of the recognised tests such as IELTS.

Fees and Payment Options

The total tuition fee for the MBA (Global) is £20,000. You can choose to pay your tuition in one of 4 ways:

  • Pay per course: 12 instalments of £1,666 (one instalment every two months)
  • 4 instalments of £5,000
  • 2 instalments of £10,000
  • 1 instalment of £20,000

Depending on where you reside, you could be eligible for loan funding or other financial help. University of Aberdeen alumni are also entitled to a discount on tuition fees.


To join the July intake, click below to start an application.

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